Google Fiber Signed on to Support SIB Read & Lead

We're all excited about Google Fiber establishing a presence in San Antonio to bring us faster Internet service. But we're also very excited because Google has a heart for the community. Google cares about educating our children, helping to grow small businesses and helping to eliminate digital divide in the communities throughout San Antonio.

Google Fiber just recently signed on with Sistas in Business to help support some of our events and to support our reading program, Read and Lead. Thanks Google Fiber for caring about the success of our children in San Antonio!


Technology is the engine that drives our businesses, both large and small, so SIB decided to provide opportunities for our members and the business community at large to learn more about some key products that you may not be familiar with or utilizing in your business to help you become more efficient or to help you get a handle on how to expand your brand further into the marketplace to get more customers and clients.

We are introducting a new technology monthly mixer entitled "Tech it Out". The all new Tech it out mixer invites you to check out the latest technology through interactive and hands on demonstrations.

On November 16th you can check out "YouTube" how it works and how you can set up your own video channel and how to use video resumes to promote your business. There will be Free refreshments; Free information and lots of Tech it Out!

One of the attendees from the first Tech it Out mixer, Born Logic Allah and CEO & Founder of 9Logic Videos will host the next "Tech it Out" Mixer. He will teach you the benefits of using video and YouTube channels to help increase visibility and marketability for your business. You will also learn to upload your Periscope broadcasts to YouTube that night.

The event will be held on November 16th from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm at the Geekdom Event Center downtown on 131 Soledad. The event is FREE and so is parking. Come out and Check us Out at Tech it Out! BRING LOTS OF BUSINESS CARDS AND BE READY TO NETWORK AND MAKE BUSINESS CONNECTIONS!

Sistas in Business is a powerful business resource for African American Women through networking, training and community involvement coast to coast.
"We connect women to business opportunities"

For the past ten years Sistas in Business has been providing networking opportunities, training and educational opportunities; and opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the nation's most brilliant entrepreneurs, speakers and business women.

Sistas in Business will continue to create and provide platforms that will help business women connect and grow their business.

We have provided women with opportunities to meet women face to face that they would only have an opportunity to read about or see on television. We are the producers of the Power Sistas Speaking Series, where we've hosted speakers from as far as South Africa to speak to women at our signature speaking series. Past speakers include, Terry McMillan,Susan Taylor, Connie Lindsey, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Marshawn Evans, Marilyn Logan, Norma Thompson Hollis, Rebecca Franklin, Elon Bomani and more. Read about the many opportunities that Sistas in Business has to share by browing through our website. SIB Established in 2005, Laura Thompson, Founder.

It All Started With Us!

About the founder: Sistas in Business, Inc. was established in August 2005 by Laura Thompson, a small business owner who had a vision to change the perception and opportunities for African American women business owners in San Antonio, Texas. She invited four women with various backgrounds and perspectives to serve as the first Board of Directors for Sistas in Business: Della Guidry, Yolanda Miller, Vellma Chambers and La Joyce Lawton. The story continues, as we prepare to launch SIB into it's new season of change.
Our Purpose:
  • Networking
  • Bringing African American women business owners together
  • Sharing ideas and information
  • Advocating for women business issues
  • Doing business with each other
  • Calculating our collective economic impact on the San Antonio market

We've been busy over the past ten years...take a look!

Still Going Strong...Taking it up a notch!

We've served our community through our literacy program Read & Lead. We've served our women business community. We've promoted local business owners on the same platform with national speakers. We've had our own radio show "Saavy Sistas". Now we want to expand our territory. We are going to monetize our website by offering SIB Gear, we are going to give business entities and organizations an opportunity to host reading events at their businesses; we are going to partner with Sistas in Business across the city to host events that help build their brands, help them to connect with new customers; we are adding a monthly technology event, to help our members utilize the latest technology for their business. We are going to be changing our membership options. We're going to be offering webinar training and live events to help educate our women business owners. And we've already started planning our 2016 conference. We're taking it up a notch to help take your business up a notch.

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Who We Are

What we are:

“Sistas in a Powerful Business Resource for African American women through networking and training Coast to Coast”.

Why we were established:

Sistas in Business, Inc. was established for the purpose of educating, inspiring, and connecting African American women business owners.

Our Vision:

The vision of Sistas in Business, Inc (SIB) is to become the premiere national umbrella organization for African American women business owners.

Building Muscle:

Our struggle to grow our businesses helps us to develop the muscle that we need to sustain our businesses. Together we can provide a powerful force and great resources to set up co-op opportunities with banks, corporations, and policymakers.

As a group, we have the power to demand and command respect and to set a new standard locally, statewide and even nationwide, on behalf of African American women business owners.

Growing Fast:

According to the Center for Women's Business Research, there were an estimated 414, 472 majority-owned, privately held firms owned by African American women in the U.S., employing nearly 254,000 people and generating 19.5 billion in sales. And African American women businesses are pacing as the fastest growing small business segment in the country.


We are well on our way to tapping into a network that has been left sitting dormant for years and we plan to continue to pursue more opportunities for African American women business owners for years to come.

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Partnering SAISD schools for the SIB Read & Lead program are: Cameron Elementary, Bowden Elementary, Davis Middle School

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