Interested in Joining Sistas in Business?

Membership Eligibility

Any woman business owner or aspiring business owner who agrees to act in accordance with the purposes and mission of SIB can become a member.

**Prospects must complete the Membership Applicationbelow. Please contact us using the form on the right side of the page to request application if you are unable to download it and we will email you a copy. Please scan the application and email it back to us at or mail it to:
10251 Grand Meadow
San Antonio, Texas 78239

We will contact you once we have received your application to schedule an appointment to learn more about your business goals and determine what your membership level options are. We will hold monthly group interviews and one on one interviews on the 2nd Tuesday at 6:00 pm of each month. After the interview, if you are selected to become a member, we will contact you via email or regular mail regarding our decision and you will be sent an invoice to pay your membership dues at that time.

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"We are a powerful resource for African-American women through networking and training coast to coast."

The mission of Sistas in Business is
  • to advocate on behalf of African-American women business owners;
  • to empower women through programs that meet their diverse needs;
  • to promote awareness of African-American businesswomen;
  • to create a lucrative network environment
  • to provide leadership training and educational seminars; and
  • to focus on matching new business owners with mentors.

Member Benefits:

We are business owners to, so we understand some of the obstacles that business owners face and we want to help you avoid some of the same pitfalls that we've experienced. Sistas in Business will provide:

- A network of supportive women
- Educational Training
- Monthly Events
- Member Discounts
- Business Referrals
- Annual Conference
- Mentorship
- Collaborative Projects
- Free Reports
- Monthly Newsletter (electronic)

Things we do!

Membership Levels

Because business owners are at different levels in their businesses, we offer pricing for various levels of membership.

Membership levels:

I want to start a business - $25
Newbie in business - $50
4 - 6 years - $100
7+ years - $200

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