Past Power Series Speakers

Gail Warrior - 2008

Gail Warrior is the founder and CEO of Warrior Group, a commercial general contractor headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company began in 1997 as a provider of high-quality relocatable modular buildings to federal agencies. Since that time, Gail has led the company to become one of the largest woman/minority owned general contractors in the country and one of the country’s leading experts in Permanent Modular Construction. She has assembled a team with extensive experience in a diverse range of project types who look for innovative solutions to help each client determine what construction materials, means and methods will create the best value for their construction budget.

Dr. Claudette Anderson Copeland-2008

As a teen, Claudette was doomed to be swallowed up in the draw and dysfunction of the streets. Through the witness of a high school friend, she encountered of the saving, transforming power of Jesus Christ and received Him as her Savior. She was groomed in the Church of God in Christ, in Buffalo, New York, where her foundations were set. Here she fully embraced the tenets of the Christian faith, the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit; and learned the necessity of a life consistent with the scriptures. And, it was here that she first heard the Spirit's call. She was licensed as an evangelist at age 18; ordained at 27 and has served the Lord in full time ministry all her adult life.

Susan Taylor - 2009

Susan L. Taylor (born January 23, 1946) is an American editor, writer, and journalist. She served as editor-in-chief of Essence from 1981 through 2000. In 1994, American Libraries referred to Taylor as "the most influential black woman in journalism today". Taylor was born in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City to a Trinidadian mother and a father from St. Kitts.[2] She grew up in East Harlem, where her father owned a clothing store. She went to a Catholic school. As a teenager, she moved with her family to the New York borough of Queens.

Michelle McKinney Hammond - 2009

As a bestselling author, speaker, singer and television co-host, Michelle has authored over 40 books (selling over two million copies worldwide), including best-selling titles The Diva Principle, Sassy, Single and Satisfied, 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention, and Secrets of an Irresistible Woman. A gifted vocalist, Michelle has recorded four CD’s, It’s Amazing, Let’s Go In, Come Let Us Worship, and With Love. She co-hosted the Emmy Award-winning television talk show Aspiring Women for ten years and presently co-hosts TCT’s 3D Woman.

Terri McMillan - 2009

Terry Lynn McMillan is the oldest of 5 children. She was born to Madeline Washington and Edward McMillan in Port Huron Michigan October 18, 1951. Her parents were separated when she was young and her father died when she was fourteen years old. She helped her mother raise her siblings, Edwin, Crystal, Vicki and Roslyn. Her childhood memories are full of hard work and family, unhampered by what was missing. She said her mother never let them out of the house looking anything less than brand new. Resourceful from a young age, Terry remembers driving her brother and sisters to school when she was only 14 (it snows a lot in Port Huron) and sewing the clothes they had to have but couldn’t afford to buy.
The McMillans lived out loud (still do), a big family sharing a small house. Terry could clear her head and escape to any number of exotic or far off places via the Port Huron library literature stacks. It was here that young Terry met her first black writer by peering into the bulging eyes of James Baldwin on the back flap of GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN.

Allyson Byrd - 2010

Allyson Byrd is a highly sought after Business and Transformational Leadership Coach. As the Founder and CEO for The Purpose Within, Allyson is one of the most provocative thought-leaders and personal growth teachers of our time.
A noted speaker, author and life coach, she inspires individuals to live in purpose, embrace passion and achieve personal greatness through balance in work and life. In 2008, Allyson founded The Purpose Within as a unique tool to assist the average persons transition from “purpose discovery” to “purpose mastery”. A passionate teacher and master communicator, her messages capture the individual as well as the organization to ignite an understanding of personal power that leads to institutional shifts creating higher levels of employee moral, achievement, productivity and drives bottom line increase.

Marshawn Evans - 2010

Reinvention Strategist & GODFIDENCE® Coach Marshawn Evans is a faith and business mentor to life-changers…those looking to launch and live their purpose, while elevating theirinner beliefs,income, and brand influence in the marketplace. Just a few years ago she left her stuffy full-time job as an attorney and turned her passion for people into a million-dollar enterprise as a speaker, coach and entrepreneur. Now through ME University® and The GODFIDENCE® Institute, she teaches money, marketing and mindset mastery to “life-changerpreneurs” and leaders ready to find their voice and build 6- and 7-figure expert brand empires as paid speakers, media & client attraction magnets, profitable coaches, authors, product launchers, and social media mavens who fearlessly and strategically “take their message to the masses.”®

Elon Bomani - 2011

Dr. Elon Bomani is owner and founder of Papyrus Publishing, an innovative publishing company dedicated to writing books, CDs, DVDs, creating e-commerce websites and services that will educate, empower and inspire individuals to fulfill their greatest dreams beyond their imagination. The core of the self-help, how -products and services deal with wealth, health and spiritual subjects.

In addition to owning Papyrus Publishing, Dr. Elon Bomani is CEO and Founder of Good Credit Consultants LLC., a Credit Resolutions firm. Her most recent business venture is the creation of an innovative holistic, natural living e-business for women - The Dynamic Diva. Her goal is to inspire women to become more healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Sharon Frame - 2014

Melissa Weathersby - 2014

Laura Thompson - 2015

Rebecca Franklin - 2008

Rebecca J. Franklin is the founder & CEO of Women Looking Ahead Magazine. "Success isn't only about achieving a certain status in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur, but success also is achieved by the way you live, what you say, how you dream, what you know is true, and how you know how to live with serenity in this world."

Nomahlubi Simamane-2008

Ms. Nomahlubi Victoria Simamane, BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Biology has been the Managing Director of BLGK Bates since 1999. Ms. Simamane serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Zanusi Brand Solutions (Pty) Limited. Ms. Simamane worked for Unilever for 12years, becoming the first black marketing manager for Unilever in 1994. She spent a further five years at British A merican Tobacco as marketing director, including two years in the USA. She has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of Foschini, Ltd. since February 23, 2009 and Cashbuild Ltd. since September 1, 2004. Ms. Simamane serves as an Executive Director of Zanusi Investments, Zanusi Marketing Consultants and Non-executive Director of Primedia Face-2-Face. She has been a Non Executive Director of Oceana Group Ltd. since September 10, 2009. Ms. Simamane has extensive marketing and advertising experience both locally and internationally. She served on the boards of the Association of Advertising Agencies (AAA) and Product Marketing Services (PMS), and has served as a member of Executive Operations Committee, ASA’s Advertising Properties Committee and UNEP’s Advisory Committee. She is a Member of the Women’s Housing Association and Currently serving on the boards of Primedia, Oxygen Tank, SA Advertising and Research Foundation and Vega Brand Communication School.

Mona Echard - 2009

Personal and professional empowerment consulting, providing growth and development training. Particularly interested in facilitating and encouraging cognitive and critical thinking skills to assist you in advancing in your personal and professional journey. My goal is to bridge the gap between what you know "for sure" and what you "think you know" and why your thought processes and habits may not be working for you personally or professionally. Specialties:Negotiating team building strategies and increasing the bottom line, recognizing individual awareness and the benefits both personally and professionally.

Connie Lindsey - 2010

Connie L. Lindsey is Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Northern Trust, Chicago. She is responsible for the design and implementation of the global Corporate Social Responsibility strategy for Northern Trust and the development of goals, policies, and programs appropriate to the brand and business unit strategies. In addition, Ms. Lindsey provides oversight and leadership to the firm's response to environmental matters as well as social issues within the marketplace, workplace, and the community.

Nadine Thompson - 2010

Nadine Abraham Thomspon is the founder and CEO of Soul Purpose Beauty and Lifestyle Company, a natural beauty and personal care products company that markets its products through a network of independent consultants. Launched in January 2008, Soul Purpose redefines the meaning of beauty and empowerment with a multicultural aesthetic and recycles wealth and profits directly back into its participating households and communities.

Valencia - 2011

Popular Midday On Air Personality. Several endorsements including, Playtex, Smirnoff Ice, Gunn Honda, H.E.B., Universal Toyota, Career Point College and more.
Experience in Writing, Producing and Voicing Commercials.
Community Affairs Liaison for KBBT-98.5 The Beat and 107.5 KXTN. Co-ordinated and planned community service events and appearances with each station and personalities. Teamed with several local and national organizations in order to create greater visibility for their event by supporting their activity with on air public service programming and announcements. Organized one of the most successful 5k run/walk non-profit events in San Antonio, the Kristine Meza Foundation which raises awareness of domestic violence.
Supported several non-profit events in San Antonio as well as surrounding cities. Created quarterly reports for management on the progress of non profit events.

Kimberly Font - 2011

Founder & CEO of Women With A Call Life Empowerment Network LLC is committed to Empower for Prupose this is accomplished through personal Life Empowerment Sessions, Conferences, Seminars, and our coummunity outreaech programs.

We also empower of members with weekly articles found on our website, our FB site, our weekly blogtalk radio sessions, and many more empowerment tools.

Kamilah Beltran - 2014

Major Nippy Betz - 2015